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Volume 2 

Plainville, Mass., Sept. 15, 1921 

Number 17 


By Fkank Bkown 

The football season is near at, hand 
and not to he idle in the sport lino, a 
fast team is being gotten together by 
Messrs. Low and Savage, among the 
players in the factory. The playing 
field has been staked out and practice 
lias begun in earnest. 

There is no reason why we can't get 
together a corking good team to rep- 
resenl the factory, as we have some 
old timers in the works who have 
gained their spurs in other places. 
Now, we have the ball and a good 
ground to play on and all that is re- 
mired 1o make the learn a good one is 
to have every body take hold and 
boom the sport. If this is done there 
is plenty of sport coming this fall to 
make every one glad he is living. 

When the team is fully organized 
don 't do as the baseball team did, but 
get out and practice when your man- 
ager calls on you to do it. 

It Ioks now as if the annual series 
of the Attleboros will not materialize 
as the committees can not agree on 
the conditions. 

The new grandstand on the Colum- 
bia grounds is now being built and 
will be in fine shape for the Twilight 
games next summer. Receipts from 
the carnival amounted to $1,100.00 
which shows that the interest in the 
national game in our midst is not on 
the wane. 

The cup presented by C. A. Whit- 
ing to the winner of the Twilight 
League, has been on exhibition during 
the last week in the Wamsutta Drug 
Si ore window and has brought forth 
much favorable comment on the great 
interest he has shown in athletic 
sports by donating a prize of such 

As the season for bowling is near at 
hand it would be well to call to the at- 
tention of the lady bowlers that we 
are leg and leg with Middleboro, and 
of course, we would like to defeat 
them when we meet again, but it can- 
not be done unless we get together and 
practice in order that the players may 
be able to connect with the head pin 
and knock them all down. When you 
do that, never fear for you can trim 
all comers. 

Hattie Goodwin, Middleboko 
This picture of Hattie Goodwin, 
our popular Middleboro correspon- 
dent, will settle a long standing ques- 
tion, for many have asked who she 
was, they knowing her only from her 
contributions to the "Wadco", in 
whose behalf she has done very com- 
mendable work, and we surely hope 
for her continuance in this line. We 
know many who turn to the inside 
page of the "Wadco" Tor the poetry 
but of late have missed it. 

Take up your pen again and place 
Middleboro Branch before "Wadco" 
readers. Possibly you haven't been 
getting your "Wadcos" in Middle- 
boo. If this is the case, a postal to the 
editor right after date of issue will 
correct the condition. 


Every person who is engaged in in- 
creasing the desirability of commodi- 
ties is engaged in producton. 

The products of past industry used 
as aids to further production. 

Labor consists of putting things in- 
to motion. All that labor does in pro- 
duction is to change the position of 

Doctor: "I am very glad you came 
to me when you did." 

•Tones: "Why, Doctor, are you 



Do you know the cost of the tool, 
die, jig or fixtures that you are using? 
Do you know what it means in the 
production if this tool is broken and 
has to be repaired? 

The average workman does not 
1 li ink of tools in terms of dollars and 
cents. If he breaks one, all he thinks 
he has to do is to go to the tool room 
with the broken parts and have it re- 
paired or to have a new one made. He 
has no conception of all that goes to 
make up the cost of every mesh bag 
that is produced in the factory. 

Give your department a boost by 
being careful with every tool you use. 
Use it as if it belonged to you and you 
will s- on see the difference in your 


Sure, this world is full of trouble — 

I ain't said it ain't. 
Lord ! I 've had enough an ' double 

Reason for complaint. 
Rain an ' storm have come to fret me, 

Skies were often gray; 
Thorns an' brambles have beset me, 

On the road— but, say, 

Ain't it fine today ! 


The person who has a growing sav- 
ings account has a strong sense of 
power, not only against the ills and 
accidents of life, but in favor of the 
opportunities for wise investment 
that may present themselves. 

Moreover, to build a savings ac- 
count is to build character. The hab- 
it of systematic saving successfully 
acquired, means the cultivation of 
perseverance and tenacity of purpose. 
Begin today to save a certain propor- 
tion of your income, even if it is only 
a dollar a week, but place your sav- 
ings where they will work for you. 

There are three rules for success: 
The first is, go on. The second is Go 
on, and the third is GO ON. 


Wadco News 


Published Semi-Monthly 

by Employees of Whiting & Davis Co. 

Plainville, Mass. 

Publication Committee 

J. (). Gagnon, Chairman 

W. M. Fuller Lee Iligsrins F. Gaddes 

O. So derstroru Mipa Simp son 
Editor . . H. B. Rowan 


National Advertising by Whiting & 
Davis Company will run in October 
Ladies' Home Journal, Vogue, Fash- 
ion Art, and Theatre Magazine. In 
the November Cosmopolitan and Har- 
per's Bazar and in December all six 
of these issues will carry cuts and ad- 
vertising matter. 


American Woolen Co. is operating 
about 90 per cent capacity. An active 
demand has resulted, due to the at- 
tractive prices Quoted last March. 

Roger W. Babson, the Wellesley 
statistician, says business is in the 
convalescent stage. Let us hope the 
patient soon gets his strength. 


Heaven never helps the man who 
will not act. — Sophocles. 

No one can give you advancement. 
It has to be earned. True advance- 
ment can't be handed to you on a gol- 
den platter. You have to qualify for 
it. Advancement means a change 
that takes place within you. 

It's the ability a man uses, not the 
ability he possesses that regulates his 

Every worker in the factory should 
take as much pride in his work, as the 
Company does in the quality of its 

Experience teaches slowly and at 
the cost of mistakes. — Fronde. 

If you itch for promotion, do some 

Commercial prosperity seldom ap- 
pears in the shape of a handout. It 
is the fruit of courage and brains and 

The good ship Soccer of the Whit- 
ing & Davis Co. football line, has been 
launched by Captain Walter Lowe, 
the celebrated fullback. A ball was 
subscribed for and a beauty purchas- 
ed with the $12 collected. The field 
is now laid out, being 300 feet by 150 
feet. Soon the goal posts will rise to 
delight the eyes of football enthusi- 
asts. That there will be reason for 
the expression "Ain't we got fun" 
goes without saying, and talk about 
your exercise, why its a hundred times 
better than sawing wood to keep fit. 
While the field is a little rough at 
present, this condition will improve 
mightily by being played on. Some 
night we shall have a lawn mowing 
brigade at work to make it a little 
easier going. 

The Athletic Association is to buy 
white knickers for the players who 
are to wear black shirts so they most 
likely will be called by name the 
Black and White. Let everyone show 
curiosity enough to linger any night 
after 5 o'clock and its a sure bet the 
football bug will attack them wh^n 
they <?ee the plavers running and kick- 
ing like a lot of colts. 

A survey of every department is to 
re made f^r team materia 1 , in fact it is 
essential that two teams be formed for 
practice purposes for you cannot play 
football without practice. S^ow your 
interest and if you have ever played 
football or aspire to, just talk with 
Walter Lowe. 



Apples and dates are as beneficial 
for the teeth as sweets are harmful. 

A blue light focused on a vein will 
cause the blood to concentrate, while 
red will make it flow quickly. 

A large nest of wasps will account 
for 24,000 flies in a day. 

A single orange tree of average size 
will bear 20,000 oranges. 

An ounce of gold could be drawn 
into a wire 50 miles long. 

Sunlight will penetrate clear water 
lo a depth of 1500 feet. 

Clothing contributes an average of 
10 per cent, in cost of living. 

Boston living costs decreased from 
97.4 in December, 1920, to 74.4 in 
June, 1921. 

One ton of coal yields 10,000 feet 
of gas. 

The Bible is printed in 528 differ- 
ent languages. 

There's a man in the world who is 

never turned down wherever he 

chances to stray; 
He gets the glad hand in the populous 

town, or out where the farmers 

make hay; 
He's greeted with pleasure on deserts 

of sand, and deep in the aisles 

of the woods; 
Wherever he goes there's the welcom 

ing hand; he's 
*Thc Man who delivers the goods. 

The failures of life sit around and 
complain; the gods haven't treat- 
ed them white; 

They've lost their umbrellas when- 
ever there's rain, and they have 
not their lanterns at night ; 

Men tire of failures who fill with their 
sighs the air of their own neigh- 
borhoods ; 

There's the man who is greeted with 
love-lighted eyes — he's 
The Man who delivers the goods. 

One fellow is lazy, and watches the 

clock and waits for the whist'e to 

blow ; 
One has a hammer with which he will 

knock, and one tells the story of 

woe ; 
And one, if reques'ed to travel a mile, 

will measure the perches and 

roods ; 
But one does his stunt with a whistle 

or sm ; le — he's 
Thr Man who delivers the goods. 

One man is afraid he'll labor too hard 
— the world isn't yearning for 
such : 

And one man is ever alert, on his 
guard, lest he puis in a minute 
too much : 

And one has a grouch or a temper 
that is bad. and one is a creature 
of moods, 

So it's hey for the joyous and rollick- 
lad — for 
The Man who delivers the goads. 


Traffic Cop: "Come on, what's the 
matter with yon?" 

Truck Driver: "I'm well, thanks. 

but me engine's dead. 

Elsie II. wishes to say 1 lint she did 
not go to Hampton Reach to make a 
hit, but she thanks (whoever it ma\ 
concern) for the lobster. 


Some Language 

The following is a sample of Span- 
ish business solicitation in letter form 
from a manufacturer of mesh bags, 
etc. Rather a sorry appeal, we*'ll say. 
Dear Sir : 

By this letter I offer to you the bags, 
purse,s, chains.,, (by metre), twins pen- 
dants, etc,, in; gold .or. silver, wich fab- 
rication here, it is very important and 
by this reasons we send them, to all 
parts of world) by the goodness of the 
main of work, like for the low prices 
that we have. 

Then, always the types are subject 
a variations, by reasons of mode, etc., 
it is impossible to have Catalogues, al- 
ready that every month it will be nec- 
esary to change them, etc., then, it 
was wanted to make expenses so much 
considerables like useless. 

Also further, this your home, not 
having travellers, and then withouts 
Ihis charges, (in contrary case of any 
others of the same article) it is in po- 
sition to concurrence to the sames, 
lil'e in fashionables works, like in nov- 
eltys and also further, like in the 
goodsness of the march andise. 

For to convict you, I beg to pass me 
a proof order of one dozen or eighteen 
of bags, arid pnrses various, with why 
I can to add you, if you ask it, some 
types for gentlemen, etc. 

If you wishes for avance to know 
the prices, I can to send you a pro- 
visional facture of the same with 
theirs approximates weights, etc., 
other details necessarys, and in pass- 
ing a order, I suply to you to tell me 
the class of gold or silver that you 
want, being different according the 
country that they are destined. 

The only terms are : Payements 
agaimist documents franco Barcelona 
(Spain) to a custom Agency or to a 
Bank of my trust, that whom send the 
to you the goods, beeing of your 
charge, all costs, etc., risks, why I 
only sell : franco Mahon or Barcel- 

In the inside hereby you will found 
Ihe prices of a good colection of 
purses, etc., bags in silver in 800/000 
or 940/000. 

Hoping your esteemds news I am 
your truly. 




"Grandiflorous" or "Night Bloom- 
ing Cereus. " 

Belonging to the cacti family. 

Native of South America, Mexico, 
and West Indies. 

Blossoms once a year in September. 

Blooming at night, collapsing next 

Flower's grow from ;iie side of the 
stem, and are very fragrant. 

These blors^ms grew in Nor h Attle- 
1 oro on a plant almost 30 years old. 

Plant was given to the present own- 
er by a resident of Wrentham, who 
had cared for it for nearly 25 years. 

Grows in a large tub in the cellar 
in winter and out doors in the sum- 


Johnny: "The camel can go eight 
days without water." 

Freddy : " So could I if Ma would 
Let me." — Harper's Bazar. 

During the course of a day many 
thoughts pass through our minds, 
among them have you ever considered 
this, "Are you a misfit in the position 
you are in and are you responsible for 
it?" Don't think for a moment that 
what is meant is that you change to 
the thing you think you could do bet- 
ter without knowing the fundamen- 
tals of the trade, profession or calling, 
for this is a mistake and has been 
proven so many times. But it seems 
as we look about us that many could 
have attained greater success if a psy- 
chological examination had been giv- 
en on leaving the grammar school so 
1hat in high school thse subj c L s 
could liave been studied which would 
have been essentia] for the success of 
one's life work. 

Down at Old Orchard, Maine, this 
vacation, Miss McCullum of Kansas, 
delivered a series of lectures on Ap- 
plied Psychology. One gathered in the 
course of her remarks that a very es- 
sential attribute of success in any line, 
was to make up one's mind exactly to 
what one wished to attain, and then 
strive with might and main to accom- 
plish it. She stressed the point that 
it was essential to put away from the 
mind any mental inhibitions and to 
think only of the goal. Along with 
this, she said "Health and freedom 
from worry" were necessary. While 
she is very emphatic that one only 
needs will to accomplish it, there are 
those who will take issue with her but 
grant that it is necessary to hew to 
the line and have courage to attain 

In Portland, Maine, many autos 
ean he seen with a placard stuck on 
Ihe wiiidshield, reading, "How are 
you?" "I'm fine and dandy, why 
shouldn't I be?" You can see the 
psyeolegical effect of this if you stop 
to consider. 

Another of her sayings, "I'm just 
as good as you are and a little bit bet- 
ter. " Miss McCullom suggests you 
practice this, especially those who feel 
self-conscious, by walking toward a 
full length mirror and looking your- 
self square in the eye while doing so. 
This is sure to give you a better opin- 
ion of yourself, but it is necessary 
1 hat you should study to merit the 
opinion. By-the-way, there are many 
who think the}' were never cut out for 
anything special and who think the 
Creator didn't endow Them with as 
much brains as their fellow men. Per- 
ish the thought. Just sit down and 
think the kind of a success you would 
like to be and then think, eat, and 
work towards your success, and see if 
von 're not a hetler man or woman for 


Do you know that an ash can re- 
ceives greater abuse than most recep- 
tacles. Metal in an ash can must be 
strong. Plain metal cannot withstand 
the destructive handling. That is why 
the metal is corrugated. Corrugation 
strengthens, adds life and is less eas- 
ily dented. It will stand a tremend- 
ous amount of handling and abuse. 
Too bad some of our mesh bags are 
not corrugated from the looks of some 
of the repairs. 







Domain of Neptunus Rex 

To all ye sailors: Whoever ye may 
be, and to all Mermaids, Sea Serpents, 
Whales. Sharks, Porpoises, Dolphins. 
Skates. Eels, Suckers, Lobsters, Crabs, 
Pollywogs and other Beings of the 
Sea : 

Know ye that: On this day in Lat- 
tnde 00, Longitude 81 degrees. 04 
minutes, 10 seconds, there appeared 
the United States Ship Nevada bound 
southward from Balboa, Canal Zone, 
Isthmus of Panama, to Callao, Peru. 
Qret tings: 

Be it remembered : That the said 
vessel and officers and crew have been 
inspected and passed upon by 
Ourselves and Royal Staff 

And be it known : B}' all we Sail- 
ors. Marines, Landlubbers and others 
who may be honored by his presence 
that J. A. Babcock, bandmaster, Unit- 
< d States Navy, having been found 
worthy to be numbered as one of our 
Trusty Shellbacks, has been gathered 
to onr fold and duly initiated. 

Be it further understood : By vir- 
tue of the power invested in me, I 
hereby command all my subjects to 
show due honor and respect to him 
whenever he may enter our realm. 

Disobey this order under penalty 
of Our Royal Displeasure. 

Given under our hand and seal this 
24th day of Januarv, 1921. 

Ruler of the Raging Main 
Davy Jones, Secretary. 

Strange that Molly McQ- 

- has 

changed her make of ears, etc. She 
now prefers a "Ford Sedan" to a 
Dodge, a short blonde to a tall one, 
and midnight trips to moonlight ones. 
But how about that hold-up, Mol? 
Taking chances on another? 

Hector Coutu lost a valuable Coon 
dog. The boys are now wondering 
where their coon supper is coming 
from this vear. 

The Whiling & Davis Athletic As- 
sociation is planning many activities 
for the coming season with bowling, 
basketball, football and dancing. The 
members will have to book their even- 
ings ahead. 

Did you know the Planning De- 
triment nearly lost one of its mem- 
bers the other day I Mr. Spenoe kicked 

the bucket. 

Ask Anna D. how she likes to ride 
in Romeo's new "Lizzie". 

We want to inquire of Laura if she 
enjoyed her ride in the Studebaker. 

George had better keep his eyes on 
the road instead of the girls beside 
him, for he might hit another farm 


There was a little girl by the name 
of Elsie P, who liked the back seat in 
the balcony, and the first seat in a 

We asked Harriet what thought 
done and you should have seen her 

It is rumored two little vamps wear 
red and lavender sweaters. 

Ask Flora G. how she likes JoeV, 

Wanted: The date of Al DeBlois' 
birthday. A lady friend will consid- 
er presenting a pretty necktie. 

We wonder if Lena P's fellow is a 
Maison or is that just his name? 

Don't worry. Brownie, though he is 
miles away; if he is for you he will 
surely come back. 

Its going some when Laura Berry 
can't stay on a teter board without 
falling' off. 

Wanted: A girl between 35 and 40 

with young ideas. — Apply to Frank 

M., Corner Shop. 

Men that are true to their wives 

want to keep away from the Vamp ! 

Louise? At the Corner Shop. 

Arthur Bunk was waiting patiently 
for a little bottle that Eva was to 
bring from Canada. But rolling down 
the Berkshire Hills, Eva got thirsty 
and, well, there is no bottle for Bunk. 

Sapphire H. says she likes to be 
liked and loves to be loved. 

Anna Reynolds, Dan Quirk and the 
rest of the girls enjoyed dancing at 
Crescent Park. 

Madeline Doran has several beaux, 
but the Murphy's get her; Walter 
first, Frank next. Last, but not least, 
Andrew for he has a Cole Eight. 

Helen S. is about to leave us, but 
we think that her nephew will beat 
her to it by taking our dark-haired, 
dimpled girl, Isabel S. 

Ever since Annie E's beau came 
from East Greenwich, she sings: 
II.' was such a dandy, 
He had lots of cash, 
A diamond ring and gold watch chain, 
And a little black mustache. 

We sure enjoyed the holiday 
In the city once called home; 

It was many months ago, 
From that city we did roam. 

We went back for a visit, 

And forgot all sorrow and care, 

We almost forgot to came back home, 
We had such a nice time there. 

We danced in dear old Whalom 

And in White City, too; 
We met our old time friends again 

Most every one we knew. 

We both had such a wonderful time, 
That we can't help but say, 

There's no place like home, after all 
When there's a holiday. 

Vange and Ida. 

Miss Bertha G. Cote, shop nurse, 
was stricken with acute appendicitis 
and operated on Tuesday morning at 
St. Joseph's Hospital, Providence, R. 
I. She is reported improving. The at- 
tack came on very suddenly. 

Chester Anderson is now in St. 
Paul demonstrating the manufacture 
of mesh, the exhibition being held in 
"The Golden Rule," the largest de- 
partment store in that city. 

Mr. Clifford Whiting of the Chica 
go office is on here for two or three 

Byron Gardiner and Ed Manches- 
ter have gone to Cleveland to attend 
the Cost Accountant's Convention. 
going as far as Niagara Fal's by mo- 
tor over the Mohawk Trail. 

The Misses Doris and Ina Simmons 
and Florence Austin spent Labor Day 
in New York City. Florence took the 
Bamboo Slides on her elbows. 

The Whiting Chain Company re- 
ports business good, Mr. Archie Clark 
having just returned from a trip to 
the Middle West. 


If you have a bit of news. 

Send it in ; 
Or a joke that will amuse. 

Send it in : 
A story that is true, 
An incident that's new, 
We want to hear from you — 

Send it in. 
Never mind about the style. 
If the news is worth the while. 
It may help or cause a smile. 

S( iid it i)i!